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Are you looking for the best photoshop shadow service? Shadow gives an enormous depth effect on a product to make it visually appealing. Drop shadow service is a photo editing process that creates a custom shadow to an object. It is a dark field that gives depth to the subject of the image on a surface. The drop shadow effect is used to bring life to a plain flat photo. We often see products on online sites with a shadow beneath or beside them that makes them look more alive and elegant. It is the outcome of the drop shadow effect.

Table Drop Shadow Service

What is a drop shadow service?

When the object comes between the rays of light and the surface, a shadow is created. It helps to improve the visual of the item. That means shadow makes the product pleasing to watch. Now, photographers often fail to capture the shadow while taking a shot. It can be due to the angle or the surroundings. Here's when the drop shadow service comes in. Through this service, a mock-up shadow can be added to the particular places of the image by using Photoshop tools. This makes the flat, dull image look alive by providing depth to it. Almost all the photo editing agencies provide this drop shadow service, and our company, Image cutout India is an expert in it.

Types of photoshop shadow service

1. Drop shadow

Indeed you've seen online products on websites that look like they've been placed a bit high from the surface. They sometimes look like floating objects. It's because of the drop shadow effect. This effect gives a slight shadow beneath the thing to give depth to it. It also provides a gentle glow to the object sometimes.

2. Natural Shadow

This effect is given to an object to make it look like a natural one. The photo editor can choose where to put the shadow by imagining and then use the natural shadow effect to cast the shadow accordingly. This makes the object appear as sitting on a surface and creating a shadow background.

3. Reflection shadow

Reflection shadow is the most appealing form of drop shadows. This gives an elegant look to the product, which of course, needs to be over the surface. The reflection shadow effect needs to be done carefully because a small mistake can make it look like an unnatural one.

How is shadow done?

The drop shadow process requires a lot of accuracy. First, you need to draw a black or gray shape that matches the proportion of your object. Then soften the edges of the dark or gray portion to make it more realistic. Keep in mind that the balance of your item and the shadow have to be similar. A misjudgment can make your object look unrealistic, thus ugly. The source of light is another essential aspect to keep in mind. The shadow needs to be on the opposite side of where the lights are glowing. A simple fact, the closer the source of light is, the darker the shadow will be. So you may need to alter the color of the shadow to give it a natural look. Drop shadow effect is given by using photoshop. Adobe Photoshop can work fine to do it. There is also other photo editing software that can be used to provide this effect to a photo. One more important thing is, this needs a lot of patience. A bit of carelessness can turn your photo into an unfeasible one, and that's enough to drive the customers away from purchasing your product.

Car Drop Shadow Service

Focus on professionalism

The more practical your product image is, the more professional your brand appears to the customers. It's essential to show your professionalism to your clients to make a long-term relationship with them. And adding a drop shadow to your product image can start that for you.

Realistic image

Who wants a dull, flat photo of their product on their websites? Right, nobody. Adding a drop shadow effect, if done with care, can make the image more realistic and appealing. It merely improves the image quality and influences the customers to purchase the product.

A depth effect

A depth effect can improve the visual of your product. Drop shadow service can do it for you. It also increases the details in the picture, so people find it pleasing to look at.

Elegant look

When it comes to the look of the product, shadow effects can play a vital role. The reflection effect and mirror effect can give the product a glossy look that will make it appear elegant to the customers. Many people go for shiny kinds of stuff; according to them, the more polished it is, the more quality. So, why not grab their interest by adding a drop shadow to your product images ?

Who needs to use this service

The eCommerce sites are constantly competing with their rivals. Their main goal is to increase sales. The customers are still searching for products online. So they need to make their product appear beautiful. As people opt for the look first, it's mandatory for eCommerce business sites to use photo editing service and, thus, photoshop shadow service. It will make their product catalog glow and the sales number flow. Photography agencies

The main goal of the photography studios or agencies is to provide quality photos to their clients. The clipping path service and drop shadow service are two main tools for maintaining image quality. Adding a shadow effect can bring enormous depth to their photo and make it look more realistic.


Flat, dull images always fail to catch our interest, whereas glossy detailed ideas can easily influence us to go for the product. And to maintain that detailed look in a photo, the drop shadow service is quite effective. It not only gives depth to the picture but also makes it more appealing, more realistic. The expert designers of Image cutout India can help you with this without breaking the bank, of course. If done with care, this simple drop shadow effect can significantly improve your product, thus increasing sales.