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Are you searching for the best ghost mannequin photography Service. Recently in a conducted survey, it was stated that potential customers only take 30 seconds to decide whether they would purchase or not from a particular online store. This means online retailers and brand owners only got half a minute to impress and convince their customers to buy their products. This is why any e-commerce site owner should have the best display pictures on your website to appease the customers that they are selling high-quality products. If you have a garments line that you operate online. You should display the picture perfectly because when the products are displayed on the fake dummy dolls, it will distract the customers. This is where you need the help of Image cutout India, as our company provides the best neck joint service, and this service will help your products attract the full attention of the buyers.

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What is the ghost mannequin photography?

You must have seen mannequins in shopping malls which are used to display clothing items. These fake dummy dolls are essential for the manufacturer and retailers as it lets them exhibit their products to the customers. But when the items are needed to be sold online instead of the complete fake dummy dolls, only the shape of the dishes is required. The separation of the figure from the mannequin is known as the neck joint and ghost mannequin service.

How do we do it?

In this service, we will remove the neck from the mannequin, which is wearing the cloth with the help of editing software and Photoshop tools. After separating the channel from the doll, we will create 3D shapes of various clothing products such as hoodies, jackets, t-shirts, shirts, and vests, etc.

The skilled designers of Image cutout India does the neck joint following the steps given below:

Step 1

First of all, we take multiple photos of the item as necessary later on for the edit. Then the clipping path will be required in this neck joint process. A transparent background is needed to get an excellent mannequin effect. Through the product clipping path , any unwanted object can be removed from the image, and it’s the background. When you have a clean and transparent background , you will attract customers’ attention better.

Step 2

When the clipping of the product is done, then the next step is the dummy removal from the product. Here, the background and the dummy are eliminated from the product, and then the product mask needs to be refined moderately to the corners.

As we crave and deliver perfection, so we do this refining thing a few times. This helps the product to stand out more.

Step 3

Now it is time to use several photos that we have taken at the beginning of the process. We will take item photos only and will cut the garment neck. Then we will add the channel to the refined edge picture and till we flawlessly match the attachment.

Step 4

This step is the most crucial one. Here, we will add the shadow in the collar part to make the effect realistic. This helps us to create a 3D view of the garment items. This shadow will be placed under the collar as this will let the neckline and shoulder be in a triangle way.

Step 5

This is the last step but not the least. When we have completed the entire four steps now will check all the other related things to get the perfect neck joint image. We will check factors like opacity, angle shadow, and also replacements.

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Who needs this digital photo manipulation services?

This service is introduced for fashion industries. If you have an online clothing line or have a garments factory, this service must be a must. The images of products on the fake dummy seem unappealing and unattractive to customers. Therefore, if any store owner wants to boost their sales by attracting more customers, this service will be their savior. Passionate photographers or e-commerce photographers also take this service to satisfy their customers’ needs. In simple words, this service is highly demanded by garments industries, e-commerce businesses, photo editing agencies, professional photographers, and editors.

In Conclusion:

Image cutout India has an expert team of well-trained editors who are masters in doing the neck joint process correctly. You can take our service and hand us over the responsibility of making your pictures perfect without a second thought. So if you are a photographer or an online store owner, you can take the ghost mannequin photography service by us.