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Are you searching for multiple clipping path services? Suppose you're a model, a fashion influencer, and a businessman too. You need to post a photo of your upcoming winter jacket coming in three different colors. But right now, you only have one color available with you. Others are being manufactured, but you can't afford to wait for them to be ready and then post photos. So what will you do? Here's when the Multiple Clipping path comes to the rescue. This modern photo editing technology can make your dream picture. Which is visible by separating each part of a photo to edit those. So you can take a photo of the one colored jacket you have now and then contact a Photo editing service. You also give them the image you want to edit. They will work with that and make all the three colored jacket pictures you wish to have. Sounds cool, right?

Sunglass Multiple Clipping Path

What is a multiple clipping path?

The clipping path is a shape created using Photoshop. A multiple clipping path is a form of clipping path. Using this photo editing technique, you can separate each part of a photo. Later on, you can reassemble those in another print or edit them individually. It's used for those images that need to be isolated from others. For example, you can select a picture of your own. Also, then separate all the clothing parts, the ornaments, etc., from that picture. It was marked by using this technique. Types of Multiple clipping path provided by Image cutout India.

There are various criteria to differentiate this editing technique. As it is a form of the clipping path process. Also, it includes all the types of background removal, color correction , etc. Again, we can differentiate it by the complexity of the image.

How the editors of Image cutout India do it?

As I said earlier, it is a form of clipping path process. Multiple parts of an image are separated to alter in photoshop, known as a numerous clipping path. The steps of doing this are given below.

Step 1- Open the File in photoshop.

Photoshop is an excellent tool to edit images for perfection. To do multiple clipping paths, at first, you have to open the image file in Photoshop. For that, go to File> open and open the image from the location where it is located. Then you'll see the image is shown in the Photoshop window. You can also drag the idea from a place to the Photoshop window but make sure the application is open. Learn more about Adobe photoshop

Step 2- Select the pen tool.

It's essential to use specific tools to edit a photo. For doing multiple clipping paths, you need to select the pen tool from Photoshop. Press P on the keyboard and select the pen tool from the toolbar.

Step 3- Take the path layer.

Path enables you to separate different parts of a photo and save them in a particular way. For doing so, you have to select the path square box on the right. It's your path1 layer. You have to choose several paths in the multiple clipping image editing processes.

Step 4- Outline.

To edit further, outlining is a MUST. Use the pen tool to outline. Zooming the image to 100% will help. Be extra careful while outlining the curvy parts of the picture. Remember, perfect editing depends on perfect outlining.

Step 5-Selection

Now comes the crucial part, selection. You have to select the amount that you have outlined until now. For doing that, select path 1, and from your keyboard, select "ctrl+enter," which will make the dots from the outline moving. It indicates that the way has been chosen. After you have chosen the part, press q to isolate the background from the desired position. As it is a multiple clipping path, you have to choose various ways and save different items of the images into each of those paths. It will enable the editing options for you. For example, if you're editing a model's photo and separate the dress, the hat, and the bag of the model from that photo. Now, as you are separating three items, you will select three paths and put each item in a separate way to edit them individually.

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Benefits of multiple clipping path

This is an age of technology, and eCommerce is booming day by day. People choose products from various online shops. While selecting products, the priority for many customers is the look of the product. We can't disagree that the face of a product attracts us first, then we go for the quality and pricing. Every eCommerce service wants its product to look perfect to the clients. So they take help from clipping agencies to edit their product to perfection. Also, by using this technique, the eCommerce business can change the color of their products. So they don't need to spend on producing different color variants of products to present in front of the customers. You pay a small amount to any reputed photo editing agency , and it can save you a ton.

Who needs this service?

Ecommerce businesses are the prime consumer of multiple clipping path services. They need to make their product look appealing online, so this is mandatory for them. Also, photographers often opt to use this multiple clipping path to edit their snaps. They isolate different parts of an image and then alter in Photoshop to give it a new look. Garments factories also use this service to bring color variants of their products in their catalog.

In Conclusion

Multiple clipping path services can be considered as the most effective photo editing technique in recent years. The eCommerce business depends a lot on it. The appealing, colorful products we see online are mostly edited using this technique. It is practical, cost-efficient, and easy to use. If you're running an eCommerce business or having a photography agency, it is a must for you to use this. So stop waiting and try out this service of Image cutout India now!