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A drop shadow service adds that extra oomph to the product images. Why drop shadows are used? Well, to make the photo more natural, ecommerce websites use it. Not just making the photo more natural, it also makes the photo more visually appealing.

Lifelike images are very important for portraying your ecommerce site and establishing a clientele as well as generating better sales for the brand. With the dawn of modern technology, customers these days have more expectations from online sites. They want the product photo as lively as possible. And, what is better than drop shadow service?

Any image, whether DIY or professional, can look a hundred times better just by adjusting the shadow. The shadow illuminates the photo and presents it aesthetically. We know that the mystery of taking the picture is the right amount of shadow, light, and subject. So, even if you cannot ensure during taking the photo, you can hire our skilled Photoshop maestros to help you out.

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How to create shadow in Photoshop?

There are two types of shadows, the cast shadow, and the form shadow. The cast shadow is the shadow that falls around the object placed on a flat surface such as the floor. The form shadow, on the other hand, is the shadow that is found inside the object itself.

Both of these shadows depend on the direction, distance, and the sources of lights around. The rule to create a shadow is quite complicated. The software that is often used is Photoshop. However, it is important to understand the natural position of the shadow while creating it with the help of software. It will look comical if you just randomly put the shadow on the object.

Also, the understanding of both cast and form shadows is important for creating it. For instance, the cast shadow becomes blurrier and lighter as it stretches far away from the main object. If you want to give your product images a more authentic and realistic look, then adding shadows is very necessary.
There are hundreds of tutorials where you can learn to create a shadow on your object. But, why waste time learning something when you can use this time to make your business bigger? Leave this headache to us. We will give you something special in return.

Types of Shadows

There are many types of shadows that can be created to make your photo visually appealing. Depending on the product and photo angel, we will pick the one right for you.

Drop shadow:

Drop shadow service is the most important and widely sought-after one. The drop shadow slightly elevates the object above from its background. This kind of gives a floating effect to the product. Also, this creates a faint glow around the object. For all the e-commerce sites, the drop shadow service is used. This technique has proven to result in increased sales.

Natural shadow:

A natural shadow is a type of shadow that a product creates on its background. We pick the direction and distance of the shadow with an imaginary light source. This gives realistic look to the object and makes it appear like it is resting on a flat surface.

Cast or Existing Shadow:

Here, the editor creates a different background and gets rid of the original background entirely. This is another staple of photo editing. This is created by using the correct level of opacity and transparency with editing skills. Expertise in creating a cast shadow is a must otherwise the viewer would be able to see the fake creation of the shadow.

Floating Shadow or Reflection:

Floating shadows or reflections are used to show that the object is not anchored on any solid surface. This is used for the ecommerce websites and placed over the white backgrounds.

When to use the shadow effect?

  • If you want to add texture and depth to the 2D image then the shadow effect is necessary.
  • If you want to make a clear difference between the background and the product itself then, the shadow is very important.
  • If you are looking for a way to create consistent and balanced product photos for a neater online brochure or catalog.
  • If you want to make your photos appear more lifelike and natural.
  • If you want to retain the natural shadow while applying the new background.
  • If you want to add more context and distinction to the product photos.
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Drop Shadow for Ecommerce Product

Ecommerce sites are reaching out to professional graphic designers and editors to give life to their photos. With the advancement of the internet and web-based selling and buying platforms, the customer no longer wants to travel for shopping. In such a time, the only thing that can convince your customer to tap on the “purchase” button is the product photo. Not just drop shadows but background removal, ghost mannequin, image masking, and clipping path services are getting equal popularity. All these photo editing services help you to get a stunning results and outcomes from your business platform.

Why take our service?

Plenty of photo editing service providers are out there then why us?

  • We understand your need to make yourself stand out in the crowd and we will help you to achieve that.
  • We have the best image editors. We take pride in the people we have. We are a team of expert photo editors and we ensure you nothing but quality.
  • We have very competitive pricing. Yes, we understand how a simple photo editing service can change the fate of a small business, and to make you available for both small and big businesses out there we have to keep our pricing within an affordable range.

Drop shadow service makes sure that the product photos you are using on your website are better quality, appealing and helps the customer understand the product. To know more about our service, reach us through email or just drop a photo for editing through our website.