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If you are an online retailer then you must understand the importance of professional eCommerce image editing. The eCommerce business is 80% dependent on top-notch product visuals. According to a survey by Harvard Business School, 8 out of 10 online web visitors become customers just seeing high-quality product photos online. To make your online traffic take out their credit cards and buy products from you needs a little more than just “normal” product photos. You cannot just upload a couple of random cell phone photos and persuade your target audience to buy your service or product. This is where the need for professional editing comes.

What do we do?

You might think that learning professional photo editing is easy as there are thousands of YouTube tutorials available online. But, you need to consider two things here.
Firstly, do you have the time for that?
Secondly, is it that easy?
Let us paint a picture for you. You have an online shop and you are busy with its settings, product buying, managing the raw materials, paper works, inventory, and so on. We understand that setting up an online business from scratch is not easy. And, amidst all these, learning a new skill can be daunting. Secondly, if it was that easy then why are there so many professional photo editors who are working day and night to improve them? So, yes, it is not as easy as you are thinking. We optimise your product photos exactly how you want them to be shown on your eCommerce website. We focus on editing your photos in the best way possible so that it focuses mainly on the product and brings out an eye-catching outlook.

Services we provide

To date, we have worked with plenty of clients and each of them had a lasting impression on us. Among our eCommerce image editing services we offer photo retouching, colour correction, clipping path, shadow effects, ghost mannequin effects, background removal, dark spot removal, unwanted object removal, etc

Image Post Production

The post-production phase after a product shoot is very important. Photography post-production includes the restoring of old paper printed photos to digital form. We provide the best professional photo editing services that restore printed, old photos that will make them look like they have been taken back to their original state. Sometimes the post-production of an image can make it look like it is in better condition than the original state. Not just restoring old photos but post-production editing of the image such as retouching, colour correction, tweaking, cropping, etc. can also be done to make it look better on the eCommerce site. We also restore damaged photos (caused by stains, water, or dirt) and restore them to their original state.

Our professional post-production services include:

  • Product retouching.
  • Body reshaping
  • Skin Tone Setup.
  • Object removal.
  • Burn and Dodge
  • Photo merging etc.
Ecommerce Sunglass Background Removal

The clipping path is the most common but important eCommerce editing service. It is required for most people that work with eCommerce websites. Through the clipping path, we correct, change, and publicise your product photos. What exactly is a clipping path? It is a static vector path used by Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for cutting a portion of the image. In simple words, the clipping path service helps to remove an object from the original photo so that it can be set against a blank background. This is one of the fundamental parts of professional image editing services.

It is important for:

  • Photography
  • Photo Studio Houses
  • Digital Ecommerce Stores
  • Ad Agencies
  • Online Fashion Stores
  • Publishing Stores

Photo Retouching Services

Flawless photography is nearly impossible without expensive shooting gear. But, digital photo retouching services can be your solution. All the imperfections in your photos can be retouched. And, this will turn your imperfect photographs into professional ones easily. Outsourcing retouching can be a very cost-effective solution for you. So, even if you do not have the best equipment for product photography then, we are here for you. Our photo enhancement and Photo Retouching Service can make your eCommerce website stand out in the crowd.

Ecommerce Shoes Background Removal

The invisible images of clothes that we see on eCommerce sites are created with the ghost mannequin services. By ghost mannequin services, two images of the product are put together to present the product photo more professionally.
The mannequin photos depend on the shape and cut of the product and how many details it covers in the on-body shot. Bracelets or watches do not use mannequins but if you still want to cover the details then such editing can help you.
Mannequin shots allow the product to retain its shape and details. This improves the professional and consistent appearance of the product images. Thus, it increases consumer demand. Since this is quite a complicated process; we can help you with a professional Photoshop ghost mannequin effect at an affordable price.

ECommerce Image Editing Services

Ecommerce Shoes Background Removal

There is a huge difference between editing services for eCommerce sites and other websites. The photos meant for eCommerce sites need to be edited very professionally. So that it mainly focuses on the image, not the other things.
Colour correction, background removal, blurring, dodging, or burning should be done while maintaining a professional manner. This is where eCommerce professional image editing will come in handy. We will make sure you have perfectly edited photos for your website.

Photo Cutout Service

Photo cutout service is another broadly used image editing service in eCommerce sites. We offer professional image cutout services for both professional and personal requests.
Along with marketable cutout jobs, we deliver all types of photo editing, image masking, retouching, and restoration services.

Final Words

Learning professional eCommerce image editing is very time-consuming. So, let us handle all the trouble that comes with it.
We have several professional services available. Contact us through email or phone to learn more about our services.